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What is Telluride Mushroom Festival?

Telluride Mushroom Festival is our expression of fungi Community. We come together in the beautiful mushroom filled town of Telluride, Colorado to congregate on the premise of mushrooms. This 4 day festival in mid-August is for us to connect and experience all things mushrooms. Here on this network we take all that good stuff and keep it rolling online.

Not just keep it rolling,     

- Connect You -

With thousands of other MycoEnthusiasts

From Psychedelic Reseach, Top Mycologists, Wild Mushroom Chefs, Fungi ID Experts and all the Telluride Mushroom Festivarians we have!

So you all can connect 

Participating in Courses, Discussions, Live webinars and Q&A's with our presenters, Cooking courses and instructional videos, new mushroom articles, Gourd Circles Rooms, 

Along with connections to every mushroom question you have. 

Need to find what mushroom you're trying to ID is? Post in in our Mushroom ID Topic to ask thousands of veteran mushroom hunters. 

And, it's free.

Welcome Fungi Friend.


Explore the site, we look forward to your support and communication in keeping this platform humming with information and mushroom love. 

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